6 ways to sell luxury properties in the Philippines

Selling a property is hard. But selling a luxury property is way harder. Upscale units often come with a steep price and we all know that expensive things are harder to sell.

How do you sell an astronomically priced home in a volatile housing market? Below are some tips that you might need:

What makes the property special?

There are so many properties available in the market today which means you’re up against stiff competition. What home buyers want to hear is why they should buy the property you’re selling. What makes the property special? Why does it have a steep price? What makes it different from other, cheaper properties? These are the questions agents must answer so potential buyers are compelled to make a deal.

The property must be worth it

Home buyers are discouraged by expensive price tags. The price must be justified or else there will be no possibility of selling it. The property may be luxurious but that doesn’t mean someone wants to pay for it. Base the price on what the recent developments in the market have fetched. Create a comparative marketing analysis. Pick an amenity in the property that the buyer won’t find anywhere else and use it as a pricing point.

Find the right marketing platform

Marketing and advertising a luxury home is a whole different ballgame. Luxury properties must exude opulence and exclusivity – something that cannot be found in other properties. These characteristics should be shown throughout your marketing strategies. Pick the right social media platform to show off the property to a targeted audience. Facebook can help you reach older generations like baby boomers while Instagram can hook you up with younger buyers. Posting on a property portal can help you gain quality leads since people going there are looking to buy a home.

Present the luxurious lifestyle

When buying a home, prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in the property. Make sure that the opulent lifestyle that the location and amenities of the property offer are being shown through your various marketing strategies. Include any upscale facilities or exclusive privileges residents will receive in your listings. Also do not forget to mention the location of the property. Certain locations, like Makati and Taguig, promise a certain lifestyle that buyers would want to know about. Locations also add property value to the house that you’re selling, making it easier for you to increase the price.

Take professional photos

Marketing via social media is all about appearances. Don’t post grainy, amateur photos of the property online. Send a professional photographer to the site to snap some great photos of the house. Ask a stylist to design the interior of the house so that future home buyers can experience living in the property through the photo.

Level up the curb appeal

First impressions are everything when selling a house. To make a great sale, do not forget to level up the curb appeal of the property. Curb appeal pertains to the attractiveness of a property’s exterior. Home buyers expect be wowed right away by a luxurious property. Give them what they expect by investing on improving your property’s curb appeal.



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