Benefits Of Buying Condominium In Your Twenties

Being in your twenties is one of the most exciting part of your life. You’re in the midst of building your own career, enjoying financial freedom, and figuring out how money grows. This is probably why you are wondering where should you put your hard earned money to use.

Investing on a property is always a great start. Instead of giving your precious money to your landlord, you are actually making sure that your money is going somewhere that can be beneficial to you. But what type of property should a twenty year old invest into? For some experts, condominium is the best kind of property for this age because of many financial advantages.

  • Condominiums Are Cheap

Rent to own scheme is your best friend when investing at such an early age. You can get a very inexpensive condominium unit for only a price of ten to fifteen thousand pesos per month with a down payment at the same rate. Acquiring a condominium unit in a respectable location in Metro Manila is sometimes cheaper than a suburban house and lot in the province.

  • It Can Become A Business

Condominium units are hot commodity in the rental business. Imagine having an extra income when you go home to your parent’s home once a month or when you travel for a holiday.

  • Easy To Maintain

Your twenties is the time when you’re busy hustling and bustling to reach your dreams. Maintaining a house and lot can become too much for your wacky schedule. On the other hand, condominiums are very easy to keep since some developments have property managers who can make sure that the whole unit is safe and in good shape.

  • More Savings

Not yet ready to move out? Why not invest on a pre-selling condominium? This type of condominium is cheaper and will give you more time to save up for the furniture, property maintenance, etc.

  • Independence Guaranteed

There’s nothing that can beat the feeling of owning a property of your own. This is an opportunity to be fully independent and experience the world on your own. You’ll surely learn new lessons and become more responsible. This is simply adulting done right.



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