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Style your bedroom

Welcome to Housing Needs Solution, first of all, we would like to remind everyone that Housing Needs Solution is not just for Housing Website. Housing Needs Solution also gives you house health tips, travel tips, travel promo, best destination and more. You spend 227,468 hours* tucked in bed, so it’s only fitting that you know how to style[…]

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Property: the right investment

As we enter for holiday seasons, the Philippines welcomes back its population who have been working overseas. Known locally as balikbayan, translated literally as repatriate box, the numbers returning increase as this is the time time of year that Filipinos typically take their holiday to come home as families gather together to celebrate Christmas. Overseas[…]

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Pros and cons of off-plan properties

Off-plan properties, also known as pre-selling,are units that are sold before the completion of a project or when it’s still in the planning stage. Examples of off-plan properties can be seen at condominiums around Metro Manila still in the planning stage. Selling units off-plan allows developers to bring in enough money to start building the[…]

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