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Ways to boost your rental yield

The rental industry in the Philippines has never been bigger. With bigger market comes with more competition, which can become a threat to a business. It’s time to upgrade your rental property and increase your yield. Here are some tips on how you can boost your income this coming 2018. Research your niche If you[…]

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Tips for condo sharing

For many dwellers in Metro Manila, condominium living is the best rental option out there. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a clean and stylish home surrounded by fun amenities. The only downside is that condominium rent is very pricey. Add to that are the association fees required for each tenant to pay.[…]

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Investment property buying checklist

You’ve worked hard and finally saved up enough money to purchase an investment property. This is a special time since it means you are taking one more step towards financial security for both you and your future generations. However, it is important to take a patient approach when buying an investment property. That is why[…]

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