Factors To Consider When Choosing An Office Space

Choosing the location for your office is vital because it can highly affect your business. The huge amount of options can be overwhelming. Addressing the needs and wants of everyone involved is also not easy. Taking the first step can be daunting but asking the right questions may help you find your way to the most ideal office. Below are some factors that you should consider when choosing for the perfect office space.

  • Location is King

The first thing that you have to consider is of course, the location. Your clients and employees must be able to find your office easily. An ideal location should have an accessible transportation system and is surrounded by amenities like restaurants and malls.

  • Parking Woes

Another factor is the parking. Most of employees and clients get through Metro Manila with the use of their own private vehicles. Check out if there’s a place for the employees and clients to park their cars. Look up if the building you choose has its own parking space. If none, figure out if your budget can provide incentives for parking fees.

  • Image Of The Area

The branding of the area is also very important. Especially for clients who would want to know if your business is legitimate and has power. It is also vital for hiring. Professional millennials nowadays choose their jobs based on how hip the location is. Makati is a great place to start if you want your company to mean serious business. Taguig is also popular to young professionals because of the hip work and play vibe that it provides.

  • Office Convenience

Does the office have all the qualities that you want? Does it feel right to the vibe of your company? Does it have enough room just in case your company grows? Aside from answering these questions, the office that you choose should also have the basic necessities that your company will need: enough cubicles and tables, an office for the boss, a conference room, a pantry, and a private bathroom.

  • Consider Sharing Space

If your company is still small maybe opting for a co-working space is the best option. Co-working is just like working in a comfortable coffee shop but the wifi is better and there’s unlimited coffee. The cost is usually lower and working in a co-working space can help you network with more people.



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