How to soundproof your home

A peaceful home is a happy home. But sometimes there are factors that may disrupt the peace and sanctity of your property -like too much noise. It can be coming from squealing garbage trucks or blaring stereos from your neighbor. Either way, if it’s becoming too much for you here are some fool proof ways on how you can reduce the noise in your home.

Seal your door

Sealing the air leaks of your front door can help in reducing the noise coming from the outside. Add a door sweep for large gaps on your front door or seal the air around the door jams. This technique will also regulate the temperature in your home.

Cover your walls and ceilings

Want to block barking, commotions, and other random noises? Then cover your walls and ceilings with something soft like a shag rug or rubber textile mats. These materials can soften the sounds coming from the outside.

Get a thick rug

No one can muffle loud sounds from the outside other than a good thick rug. Hard wood floors easily transport sound from the outside so putting a rug or a carpet on it can help in blocking that blaring noise.

Install acoustic panels

Available as walls or fabric, acoustic panels are effective in stopping noise from bouncing on hard surface.

Buy window inserts

Consider window inserts if you don’t want to block the view of your property. Window inserts are glass and acrylics that are used to create an airtight seal that can reduce the noise up to 50%.



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