Tips when picking the right roommate

Renting a condominium unit with another person is a smart way to save money and still get the stylish property that you want. Aside from saving money, having a roommate means you get to have someone to share responsibilities with the place that you’re leasing. You also have a companion in times of sudden Netflix marathons or when there’s an emergency.

That’s why it’s very important to choose the proper roommate to share your space with. Below are some tips on how you can pick the right roommate and avoid those who might cause you head ache.

Choose through friends

Of course, the first route that you’re going to take to your journey in finding the perfect roommate is to your friends. But sometimes being a roommate with your friend can take a toll to your relationship with that person. If it can be avoided, do not turn a friend into a roommate. Instead, ask a close friend to recommend people. They will surely help you find someone who’s responsible and will suit your personality.

Check their finances

Remember that having you will be sharing rent with another person. This means that you have to pick a roommate that has a good source of finances. Choose a roommate that has a steady job and have a good financial background.

Background check is important

There are some nasty cases of horrible roommates that are more terrible than those who don’t wash their own dishes. It’s vital to do a background check. Some people even ask for an NBI clearance just to check the criminal records of a potential roommate. Again, finding a roommate through the help of a friend can help you make sure that the person is legitimate and criminal record free.

Bond with each other

Finding a roommate is like choosing a significant other. To get to know a potential roommate better, don’t forget to bond with them. Talk to them over coffee or even watch a movie together. You will spending an awful a lot of time together so breaking the ice through mutual interests can be very helpful for the both of you.



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