Types of rentals that you can stay at in the Philippines

Aside from the luxurious hotels that will welcome you once you step outside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA),  there are other rental options that you can consider. The following options are some of the best rental choices in Metro Manila that won’t break your budget.

Bed and breakfasts

Metro Manila can seem disorienting at first, with all the noise and clutter of the city. A nice and serene bed and breakfast can put anyone into a good mood. This type of rental offers a homey atmosphere to their guests. Do not forget the yummy breakfast that’s included in the package.

Apartment and condominium

Property portals and apps such as Airbnb make it easier for many to access hundreds of apartment and condominium rentals. Metro Manila has an endless list of apartment and condominium for rent, located at its most premier addresses. This is the perfect set up for visitors who came to the Philippines for work.


Cheap and convenient, hostels are perfect for tourists who will stay in Metro Manila for just a few days. Dorm type hostels just cost up to PHP 500 per night. It has common rooms perfect for socializing with other guests.

Capsule hostels

Capsule hostels are popular in Japan but it’s also making waves in the Philippines. It’s large enough for one individual and his or her belongings. It’s also cheaper than other rental options in this list. But beware, staying in a capsule hostels might not be for everyone, especially those who are claustrophobic.



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